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Gas vehicle Testimonial 
"Are you kidding me?  That was the first thing out of my mouth when I programmed my Mustang.  I'm impressed and now a believer!  Thanks for everything."    Gene, NJ  

Diesel vehicle Testimonial 
"After 7 years and 3 trucks, I can't say enough about your customer support and the fine products you prived me over the years.  The power and mileage gains far exceded my expectations."    Richard, TX 

Tractor Testimonial 
"Not in a million years would I have guessd that my John Deere 9330 would outperform my 9630 with just a simple product."  "The acreage increase and fuel savings have been mind boggling."    Randy, SD  

Custom Tuning for Fiat 500 MAC10
Our Price: $450.00
Our Price: $550.00
We offer custom or stock engine ECU remapping, With our ECU remapping you get smooth and progressive power, with improved response, that can be tailored to your requirements. Delta Force  Tuning are able to offer tuning services either at one of our dealers or at our location.

We support

Fiat 500            gain +8hp   +12 lb ft of tq
Fiat 500C          gain +8hp   +12 lb ft of tq
Fiat By GUCCI   gain +8hp   +12 lb ft of tq
Fiat Pink Ribbon gain +8hp   +12 lb ft of tq
Fiat Abarth        gain +38hp  +47 lb ft of tq

We can change following parameters:

SP Speed Limiter
AP Advance timing at part load
CP Load/Throttle Position Reference
IS Injection correction
IX Injection at Full Throttle
LA Advance limiter
LC Torque Limiter
LG RPM Limiter
LSB Knock Detection
LV Max speed limiter
QS Specific air mass flow quantity
MAC10 Supported Vehicles

Ford Mustang                              05-09 & 11-13 (manual trans)*
Ford E250-E350 (gas engine)  2003-2009*  
Ford F150                                   2005-2010*  

Please call to confirm support of your vehicle before you place the order.
Performance engine module for Mercedes OM460LA engine In Tune by DiabloSport
Our Price: $1,575.00
Our Price: $389.00
The module is very easy to install.  There are two plugs on your ECM, a power source and a ground wire.  That is it, you are ready to hit the road. The unitís stealth design will allow your dealer to run all diagnostic and test procedures with out any interruption or interference. You can also select fuel economy programs that will range between 8-20% better fuel economy.  This variation will depend on your driving conditions.  The average fuel economy gain in the city is 8-12% and 18-20%  for long haul highway driving.

This unit will control your injectors.  We can control pulse width Ė duration of your injectors and with that we can precisely calculate the amount and timing of the fuel coming into your engine.
DiabloSport In tune is the latest and most advanced handheld programmer available today. With Dual processor  and over one gig of memory, in Tune is the most powerful, fastest, and reliable programmer on the market In Tune features all supported vehicle application under a single Part Number, hours of data logging, custom tuning the industry most adjustable parameters, universal diagnostics, and world famous DiabloSport "canned" tuning. All of these features housed in sleek and stylish stainless steel case, backed by DiabloSport's 30 day money back guarantee and proudly made in USA.
MAC1064 I2 GM programmer 01-07 Diesel vehicles
Our Price: $750.00
Our Price: $295.00
MAC10 Supported Vehicles

Ford F250-F350      2008-2010*  

Please call to confirm support of your vehicle before you place the order.
In addition to noticeable power improvements, the I-2 is also designed to increase your vehicle's fuel mileage. The ease of use and end-results from this one-of-a-kind hand-held programmer will even amaze the experienced automotive tuner. The I-2 allows you to create, modify and fine tune your own performance tunes straight from your hands.

Additionally, the I-2 can accept custom tunes from any of our experienced tuners via email.

Only two I-2 part numbers are required to support most popular 1998-2007 GM gas engine vehicles and 2001-2007 GM vehicles equipped with the 6.6 liter Duramax diesel engine. There is no limit as to how many performance files you can create.

Current Features include:
Internet updateable
Check / clear OBD-II DTC's
Live engine sensor data monitoring
Speed limiter settings
Multiple octane levels
Ignition timing adjustments
Speedometer correction for tire/gear changes***
Transmission shift points
Transmission shift firmness
Nitrous Oxide adjustments
Supercharger / turbocharger adjustments
Fuel injector size changes
Fuel enrichment

Supported Vehicles:
1998-2000 Trucks / Vans with 4.3, 5.0, 5.7 / 7.4 liter engines
1999-2007 Trucks (Classic body style) / Vans with 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 / 8.1 liter engines
1999-2004 Corvette
1999-2002 Camaro, Firebird / Trans Am with LS1 engine
2004 GTO with LS1
2001-2007 GM Trucks with 6.6 liter Duramax (2007.5 LMM engine not included-Coming soon).

Part Numbers:
I2-700D (Diesel)
I2-700G (Gas)

* Allison transmission tuning not available ** See supported vehicle list *** Depending on year of vehicle, some features don't apply.