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Performance modules are simple to install devices that are designed to improve engine horsepower, engine torque and engine efficiency, all of which will help improve fuel economy. Performance modules generally are simple to install and usually only require the customer to provide a 12v power and ground source.

Types of performance modules.

1. Pressure type: Some performance modules are more simplistic in design and will only increase fuel pressure. These devices will help improve power and torque but fuel economy generally doesn't improve or just slightly. Because they have a little more simplistic design the "pressure" performance module costs are normally more economical. When shopping for a "pressure" performance module you need to be careful that pressure isn't turned up too much. Too much pressure can cause check engine lights, excessive exhaust smoke, poor fuel economy or premature engine component wear. We here at PDQ Performance Whse. have spent over 16 years testing and developing performance modules so we know what's too much pressure. Beware of other "pressure" module brands that mainly brag about power gains. More than likely they are raising pressure too much. Our modules are safe on your engine and will provide the horsepower and torque that you're looking for.

2. Smart type: The Smart performance module takes it to the next level. With this performance module, we actually take over the engine fuel injection timing and fuel injection duration. This is something you normally don't see with other brands and there are reasons for that. One, they do not have the technology or the know how to build such a module. The smart performance module has complex circuitry much like a computer. The smart performance module has a high speed process that will sample and adjust itself up to 200 times per second while communicating with your engine ecm which makes the needed changes to improve performance.

The PDQ performance modules (Blixxton & Stinger) for the agricultural vehicles are engineered to impress. Most of our modules are designed to provide power only when you need it. So if you’re running without a load on the engine the module will remain “silent” and prevent any wasted fuel. Once the module senses an increase with engine load, the module will automatically adjust the required power output to meet demand. The newly designed high speed process will sample and adjust itself up to 200 times per second which determines the amount of power to be increased. This is achieved because of precise fuel control throughout the entire rpm range.

This design will provide you the best power when you need (adjustable up to 30%) it and best fuel economy of up to 20% fuel savings per acre. This module is simple to install, just plug and play.

Features include:

Harvest more acres per day
End user power level adjustable
Simple installation with factory connectors so no cutting or splicing wires
Best performance in its class
0-30% power gains
Up to 20% fuel savings per acre
Rugged & durable
Satisfaction guarantee

PDQ Performance Whse. has been designing performance plug-in modules for the agricultural vehicles for over 16 years. The performance modules are named and known as the Blixxton and Stinger performance modules. The Blixxton and Stinger modules both have a money-back satisfaction guarantee and a warranty so you can buy with confidence.