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Custom Ford vehicle programming.

Sniper, Inc. offers tuning software for many Ford vehicles to help improve vehicle performance, driveability and economy. They offer two levels of software known as Special Forces and Commando.

1. The Special Forces software is your entry level software but yet still very powerful.
The Special Forces is powerful but simple to use. It's basically a questionnaire that will ask you about 30 questions about your vehicle. After each question there is a drop down window with answers in them. You just choose the correct answer and move on the the next question. Once all the questions have been answered you will click SAVE and the software will create a performance tune for you based on how you answered the questions. After this, you have the ability to fine tune this file but it is limited. In addition to the fuel and timing changes that the software already does for you automatically, you will be able to adjust fuel approximately 1 AFR point richer/leaner and timing about 5-10 degrees.

The Commando software (which includes the Special Forces software) is very sophisticated and powerful software. It will give you full control over the Ford pcm. It gives you access to all the parameters an will allow you to adjust as much as you want. However, the Commando/Delta Force software will not ask you any questions. It assumes you know what you need to do and gives you the access to do it. Since this package comes with the Special Forces software you will be able to create a "base" or "starter" tune within minutes. From there you can load the performance tune created by Special Forces into the Commando/Delta Force software and see exactly how that file was made. You will be able to see what parameters were modified as well as compare it side by side with the stock file. After that you can just make any additional changes. This option will give you full control over the pcm with the parameters that are available.

Supported vehicles:
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CH-4111 CH-4111
Our Price: $100.00
CH-4001 CH-4001
Our Price: $120.00
CH-4000 CH-4000
Our Price: $239.00
CH-4010 CH-4010
Our Price: $285.00
CO-5000E5 CO-5000E5
Our Price: $679.00
CO-5000E4 CO-5000E4
Our Price: $679.00
DE-9000 DE-9000
Our Price: $2,250.00