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One of the most cost effective ways to improve horsepower, torque and sometimes economy for your car or light duty truck is with computer chips or computer programming. With a computer chip or programmer the manufacturer is able to fine tune your engine parameters to improve your engine efficiency. From this, you will notice quicker acceleration, better throttle response, improved transmission shifting for automatic vehicles and in most cases increased fuel economy.
You may ask, why does the auto manufacture leave so much improvement on the table or why a chip or programmer can improve the vehicle's performance so much. The answer is simple. The auto manufacturers need to build and sell their vehicles all over the world. This includes locations that can have hot or cold temperatures year round, locations that are high altitude versus low altitude as well as fuel quality. The fuel quality all over the world is not the same. In fact fuel quality available on the east coast of the U.S. is different than the quality on the west coast U.S. Because of all these factors the auto manufacturers must provide programming to work flawlessly under all these conditions. Although the vehicles still run tremendously well, this means that there is ample room for more improvements. This is where computer programming can help. We have spent the time to discover which brands work great and that offers sound customer satisfaction. These include:

Edge Products
Sniper, Inc.

So, which one is better? They each offer whistles and bells. Some have color touch screens, some use push buttons and some require you to use a pc. Some will also require you to leave the unit connected to the vehicle while others are put away after the programming process is done. They all offer a satisfaction period and a warranty so you can purchase with confidence. For more specific information about these products, just locate your vehicle through our product finder.
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CH-4000 CH-4000
Our Price: $239.00
CH-4010 CH-4010
Our Price: $285.00
F5 Ford Flashpaq 1845 F5 Ford Flashpaq 1845
Our Price: $411.95
F5 GM Flashpaq 2845 F5 GM Flashpaq 2845
Our Price: $411.95
F5 Jeep Flashpaq 3874 F5 Jeep Flashpaq 3874
Our Price: $411.95
F5 Jeep Flashpaq 3876 F5 Jeep Flashpaq 3876
Our Price: $411.95
InTune Ford I2020 InTune Ford I2020
Our Price: $444.95
InTune Chrysler I2010 InTune Chrysler I2010
Our Price: $444.95
InTune GM I2030 InTune GM I2030
Our Price: $444.95
InTune Jeep I2012 InTune Jeep I2012
Our Price: $444.95
Evolultion CS2 Gas Evolultion CS2 Gas
Our Price: $499.95
Evolultion CS2 Diesel Evolultion CS2 Diesel
Our Price: $555.95
Trinity T1000 Trinity T1000
Our Price: $666.95
Evolultion CTS2 Gas Evolultion CTS2 Gas
Our Price: $666.95
CO-5000E5 CO-5000E5
Our Price: $679.00
CO-5000E4 CO-5000E4
Our Price: $679.00
Evolultion CTS2 Diesel Evolultion CTS2 Diesel
Our Price: $755.95
DE-9000 DE-9000
Our Price: $2,250.00