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Blixxton-Cat100 Blixxton-Cat100

Performance module for the Caterpillar 3126, C7 & C9.

Our Price: $586.00
Blixxton-4 Blixxton-4

Our Price: $595.00
Stinger-208 Stinger-208

Performance module for the Sisu 7.4L and 8.4L engine (round plugs).

Our Price: $1,295.00
Blixxton-Cat200 Blixxton-Cat200

This is the second revision of the Blixxton-Cat200 module for the Caterpillar diesel engines. Our previous modules were performance excellent but they lacked the adjustability. This new unit has it all. It will come preprogrammed for best in class fuel economy or performance and you can adjust it yourself to fit your specific needs.

Depending on your engine, this module offers 28 different programs ranging from 10% up to 35% increase in power. You can also select fuel economy programs that will range between 8-20% better fuel economy. This variation will depend on your driving conditions. The average fuel economy gain in the city is 8-12% and 18-20% for long haul highway driving.

The Blixxton-Cat200 module has a stealth design which will allow your dealer to run all diagnostic and test procedures without interfering.

The Blixxton-Cat200 is very easy to install. There’s one plug on the cylinder head, a 12v keyed on power source and a ground wire. That is it. You are ready to hit the road.

Our Price: $1,375.00
ECU-DIAG Challenger ECU-DIAG Challenger

Performance and economy programming for the Challenger computer.

With all our programming, we keep in mind the importance of power, engine life and fuel economy.We offer programming (tuning) to your factory ECU. Depending on your engines current power level, we can offer up to an additional 100 horsepower and up to 15% better fuel economy. From the many years of development, testing and sales we know how far to go. Because of this, we’re able to keep your engine out of harms way so rest assured that you’re not overworking the machine.

For us to do the programming, we need your vehicle’s ECU in our hands. If you’re local you can just schedule an appointment and if you’re not local then you would be required to remove the ECU from the vehicle and ship to us*. In most cases, we can perform our work the same day and ship it right back to you the same day that we received it.

Our Price: $1,475.00