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Stinger-4 Stinger-4

This is the fourth generation of the performance modules. It’s new and the only “smart” design module on the market. After you connect to your vehicle, the module will monitor the communication between the vehicle’s engine and ECM. It will make a positive identification of the BUS speed and communication protocol and only then become active. When not in use, the Blixxton-5 has a stealth mode which allows your technician to perform a full scan of your machine without any interference.

The blixxton-5 module will provide power only when you need it. So, while the engine is at idle or without any load the Blixxton-5 will remain “quiet” and will not interfere but once it does sense an increase in engine load the module will automatically adjust for the desired power output. The Blixxton-5’s new high speed process will sample and adjust itself up to 200 times per second. This is unlike other brands which will give you power all the time. This is wasting fuel and causing unnecessary load on the engine.

As a result from this “smart” technology design, you will get the best power when you need it and definitely the best fuel economy of up to 20% savings per acre.


28 different performance and fuel saving programs

End user adjustable

Simple installation (no tools needed)

Best performance in its class

0-35% power increase

Please check to confirm this is the correct part number for your application.

Our Price: $495.00
ECU-DIAG Miller Nitro ECU-DIAG Miller Nitro

Performance and economy programming for the Miller Nitro tractor computer.

With all our programming, we keep in mind the importance of power, engine life and fuel economy.We offer programming (tuning) to your factory ECU. Depending on your engines current power level, we can offer up to an additional 100 horsepower and up to 15% better fuel economy. From the many years of development, testing and sales we know how far to go. Because of this, we’re able to keep your engine out of harms way so rest assured that you’re not overworking the machine.

For us to do the programming, we need your vehicle’s ECU in our hands. If you’re local you can just schedule an appointment and if you’re not local then you would be required to remove the ECU from the vehicle and ship to us*. In most cases, we can perform our work the same day and ship it right back to you the same day that we received it.

Our Price: $1,475.00